JLo’s wide-leg jeans

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is a woman who knows herself (that’s a theme this week, actually). Her street style looks are obviously more casual than her red carpet gowns but JLo likes to look good. She wears makeup to the gym. She never has a hair out of place. If she is having a bad day, she doesn’t let us see it. 


She loves a wide-leg, a large monogram bag and a hoop. A reader inquired about her current go-to jeans and these look like SLVRLAKE, a celebrity favourite. On the pricier side for sure. (JLo also likes Frame denim and they also has a wide-leg pair that are very similar.) 

Some less expensive options are the Madewell super wide-leg jeans as there’s a bunch of different washes, Gap Stridewell jeans and Uniqlo’s Baggy Jeans, my favourite of the bunch. (Thanks Erin!)

Diane Keaton’s Mary Janes

Diane Keaton’s singular style has been endlessly dissected and I think it comes down to this: a woman who knows herself always knows what to wear. There is no question of that with Diane and you never get the feeling that she was forced into putting on something that doesn’t quite fit. 


Her red carpet and her on-screen style are really aligned because it’s part of who she is, even when building a character. For the Book Club 2 (how is this not called chapter two?) premiere she wore the Louis Vuitton Star Trail Pump, a re-wear. I sense that she puts a lot of thought into her purchases and when she loves a piece, she reaches for it again and again. (Thanks  Gina!)


Gwen Stefani’s Sweat Shorts

I said women who know themselves would be a theme and now here’s Gwen Stefani. She’s definitely one of one with her style. I’m not going to focus on her stage look but rather her rehearsal suit, the sweatshirt and shorts. It’s from R13 and the denim boots are a choice (and Gwen makes those choices boldly!) but the shorts are doing it for me. What’s not doing it for me is the $895 price tag. I feel like a pair of sweatpants cut with a proper pair of scissors would have a similar effect? Anyway, lots of Gwen’s looks are posted on her fan site @justaslay (great name). 


Kaley Cuoco’s plaid shirt

Another casual piece that is hella expensive – Kaley Cuoco’s men’s plaid shirt by Celine. $1200US, this is quite a commitment. I fully expect multi-colour plaid to be more prominent next season and this Artizia shacket has a similar colour scheme. (Flip to the second photo to Kelly’s shirt.)