K-drama Chanel

My first ever K-drama request! This is for a necklace worn by Kim Yoo Jung in My Demon, which I really want to watch now. (Lainey: I just started My Demon and these two leads… it’s stupid how gorgeous they are and it’s literally the perfect rom-com to watch at this time of year). See the attached photo – it’s Chanel costume jewelry. 

Chanel costume jewelry from My Demon

Chanel doesn’t facilitate shopping on its own site (the design of the website is so frustrating and hard to use, I’m convinced it’s purposeful) and it really limits what can be bought online. 


This necklace is from the Coco Crush line and while you can see it online, there’s no option to purchase it directly. It has the dreaded “call for availability” where the “add to basket’ should be. However, the price is listed. When brands really want to lean into the pretention, it’s “price upon request.” Chanel costume jewelry is a whole world of its own (the Real Housewives live in it, the more branded the better) and there’s a ton of resale pieces online. This leads me to an interesting tidbit I heard from someone who works in the upper management of a very prestigious online shopping website: the resale market is flooded with luxury goods right now. There is so much stuff that people are trying to unload (for obvious general economic reasons) which has driven down what resellers are willing to pay for second-hand luxury bags, jewelry etc. Whether or not that translates to driving down the sticker price remains to be seen. (Thanks Alison!)


Christy Turlington, the best even when not at her best

Christy Turlington posted this photo and she said she’s not at her best and this picture could be in Vogue. Like, this is her under the weather?! I was asked about the sweatshirt, it’s Sezane. $120, acceptable splurge territory but sizes are really limited. 

Christy Turlington

JLo not in a party dress

Jennifer Lopez has been dressing up for the holidays (in green, much to Lainey’s chagrin) but this is a photo of her from set. The specific request is for this sweater which appears to be from Hudson’s men’s line. This particular shade of grey is no longer available but there is a charcoal colour available – one size left. 

Jennifer Lopez resumes 'UnStoppable' filming at Biltmore Hotel in LA on December 14, 2023

A Christmas miracle

There are four days left to secure gifts for Christmas and how are we doing? I’m…. not doing well. Still waiting for 6 out of 11 gifts I ordered (way back in early December, I swear). I’m slightly sweating it. But at least I know what is coming. It’s the question mark people, the ones who are so hard to shop for, that can hurt us right now. This is the time to appeal to a higher power: Law Roach. 


He spoke to The Strategist about the sweatpants he asks for every year – Hanes in grey or black. You can get them pretty much anywhere (like Walmart) and he also likes tube socks and hoodies. He calls these cozy, personal gifts he can ask for from anyone (like his 11-year-old niece), which I think is thoughtful of him. Can you imagine trying to buy a gift for a man who has access to the most luxurious fashion in the world? As he says, if there’s something he can’t afford, no one else can afford it either. And by providing the accessible and personal idea for the person who has everything, by taking the pressure off his family, he’s making it about the sentiment rather than the stuff. Look over your list. There is not a person on there who could not use a pair of comfy sweatpants. 

Attached: More of JLo on set the other day.