Kerry Washington’s exquisite trench dress

Yes, I write about Kerry Washington a lot but in my defense, she shows off a LOT of great looks. And she works a lot, which means she is often on the promo circuit and her clothing is meticulously chosen but not stiff. It’s fun. So this maroon trench dress is fantastic – Reverie from Cult Gaia, a brand that has done an excellent job transitioning from one It bag to a whole clothing line. 


Even though I don’t love a halter (that’s just me!), Kerry’s hangs more like a trench coat. Another banger. (Thanks Lisa!)


The Adventures of Lainey Lui

Have you been following Lainey’s stories as she travels around Japan? It’s giving me serious ramen envy and the whole trip is amazing – as is her travel wardrobe. She will probably be mortified I’m writing this (or secretly pleased?) but her looks have been really, really solid considering she’s doing a ton of walking, sightseeing, eating, and travel. A reader asked about her tan varsity jacket and it's Gant. It’s still available and on sale! Did Lainey pay full price? I’ll ask her. Also if you want to know what Jacek is wearing, it’s probably all Under Amour. The man knows what he likes. (Thanks D!)


Elizabeth Banks’s tartan suit

When done right, tartan slaps and Vivienne Westwood was a tartan master. The MacAndreas print debuted in 1993 and it’s back. Love, love, love this look on Elizabeth Banks. Do you know, for a long time, women were told to avoid wearing prints on TV? (Maybe they still are, depending on the network and show.) I assume that the logic behind that advice is that prints make a woman look “bigger.” Sicko reasoning BUT if you ever wonder why women who host TV shows sometimes look dated or overly rigid, blame this kind of thinking. More prints on TV! I mean, this is just fantastic and it also helps that she’s a star and so there’s budget for Vivienne Westwood. (Thanks Mish!)


Thanksgiving sweater

Is a Thanksgiving sweater a thing? I guess knit and cozy is the vibe this weekend and this is a really great sweater -  brown and black is a highly underrated combo, as is navy and black. Same with pink and red. These used to be “fashion don’ts” but those rules were so wrong! This one is L’Acadamie Dagan Color Block Crewneck


Maybe someone will get lucky on Black Friday? It’s not on sale – yet! (Thanks Kat!)

A word on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Well, it’s almost the time of year when trampling one’s grandmother for 5% off a TV is acceptable. Let me tell you something about Black Friday: these stores need you, you don’t need them! Always keep that in mind – if something you want is on sale, reach out to their online chat and see if they will price adjust. 


If you want to avoid overspending, make a list tonight and if what you want (what you really, really want) goes on sale, great. If there’s other things that are OK or whatever or you guess you could wear it, that’s a hard nope. If you don’t need to love your clothes to wear them, that’s great. Shopping doesn’t have to be romantic for everyone. Sometimes it’s just a necessity. Just do a gut check and ask yourself if you really feel great about it. 

There's a strategy to a long weekend of shopping: wait too long and your size sells out. But grab it too quickly and you might miss additional Cyber Monday deals. I say shop first, then bargain (most companies will price match – just ask!).

There can be a feeling of ickiness when shopping around these high-pressure sales events because you can feel the overconsumption in the air. It’s certainly not an elevated experience. But there’s no shame in getting a deal, especially right now when things are so tight for pretty much everyone. This is the time to save on that pea coat you’ve been eyeing or lug sole boots and add something to your everyday rotation. Plus, online shopping is a great way to escape from family for at least an hour.