Kiki’s brown cardigan

What says “the time has changed” (for some of us) better than a brown cardigan? Kirsten Dunst wore one on her CBD drink run and in her casual clothes. She isn’t papped super often (mainly because she purposely lives a low-key life) so I don’t get a lot of fashion questions about her even though she is very stylish. 


The sweater looks like this one from Proenza Schouler – the collar and black buttons are the key details here that set it apart. FarFetch still has it in stock and it’s also reversible (but I like the way Kirsten wore it, with the buttons in front). It’s close to $900 which is no joke, so I’ve sourced some alternatives. There’s an abundance of cardigans this year but we’ve had some deep discussions about sweaters here because so many of them look lush and great online and feel itchy and flimsy in real life. This is where fabric comes in: always, always check the notes and if you don’t like acrylic, polyester or other blends this is where you will get the details.

Aritzia’s Canberra Cardigan in rich cocoa has a ribbed texture and can be thrown on over a light tee, this Madewell sweater is similar to the Proenza Schouler with the cut, collar and button placement (but doesn’t come in brown) and at a higher price point, this men’s cardigan from Recto is a very close match to the one Kirsten is wearing. 


Nick Kroll in a fashion sandwich

You might be wondering why I’m choosing to highlight Nick Kroll when Ayo Edebiri and Natasha Lyonne are RIGHT THERE and it’s a fair point. Have you seen Natasha Lyonne’s Old Navy commercials? She even manages to make Old Navy look hip! This is just a little nod to Nick Kroll’s sneakers, the Nike Court Legacy. Not the usual Air Max or Jordans, so I appreciate the crisp white sneaker that was purposefully chosen here. His style isn’t blow-your-mind experimental but he will pull out a denim chore jacket or jaunty little scarf and I notice. 


And I know I will get follow up questions on Ayo’s shirt – it’s Bode. 


Underpants are everywhere

Underpants-as-outwear started gaining traction in the summer and now it’s everywhere. Case in point is that there were a few of these looks at Bravocon this weekend and I was asked about Paige DeSorbo’s all-black blazer and underpants tuxedo. It’s Dolce and Gabbana. 


Erin Lichy from the rebooted Real Housewives of New York wore a patent pair with a casual shirt, a divisive outfit. I think I like it for a weekend in Vegas. 

You don’t need to go high end to get this look though as there’s many brands who’ve jumped on this trend pretty quickly. And you don’t even need to buy special bottoms, maybe? Lainey wrote about SKIMS dominance this morning and it has a solid collection of boy shorts.

For those who want the look but not so minimalist, these Stay Cute Sequin Brief Shorts from Free People are like if New Year’s Eve were a pair of underwear meant to be worn as outwear.