Lupita’s kitty comeback

Lainey wrote about how Lupita Nyong’o is bouncing back from heartbreak with a new love  – Yoyo!

Whenever we write about Lupita, I get a lot of interest in her outfits which, of course, makes sense. Very cool style that is highly wearable. 


She posted an album with several pictures and in the first one, she is wearing a pleated black outfit that a reader guessed is Issey Miyake. I agree that it’s probably Issey and this looks like the October cardigan (here in purple because it not available in black right now except through resellers) and the pants look like the classic July pair. It’s Issey Miyake so obviously, expensive. But I did know someone who had a set and she wore it all the time and can I tell you? Very chic. Like rich divorcee chic. 

That said, there are other places to buy pleated (sometimes referred to as “crinkle” pants) – I have these Uniqlo Pleated Straight Pants in grey and I wore them all summer. It has a slight drop crotch (which I prefer) and because I’m really short I had to get them hemmed but it was worth it. I’m biased because I love Uniqlo so there’s that, too. (Thanks Jean!)


Another Lupita request for the 8th photo in the carousel, it is a pink denim jacket. Not Barbie pink, which is important. If someone wanted a Barbie pink jacket, that would be easy! This jacket is lighter than that and distressed. I did not find this exact jacket because instead of buttons, this jacket has snaps. That is a fairly unique detail and eliminated a lot of possibilities for matches. 

Here are some close picks: H&M (not yet in stock) and French Connection available at ASOS (beware for Canadian shoppers, there will be duty at the door). If these don’t do it for you, wait until spring fashion drops, which is really only five months away. Pink will still be huge thanks to Barbie run-off. (Thanks MaryBeth!)


Head-to-toe Blake Lively 

As much as she’s photographed in high-profile situations, I don’t get a ton of requests for Blake Lively which always surprises me because her street style game is strong. A reader asked about Blake’s most recent outfit (with the Taylor photobomb). Here it is head to toe. Thank you fan closet accounts!


Jeans are Levi’s x RE/DONE, shoes are Uggs (the Talisman slipper, specifically), bag is Chanel and sweater is Zegna. Bodysuit is undetermined. I would guess SKIMS but considering the company, I doubt it. 

As for dupes, Levi’s are Levi’s – I think they are worth the cost because the denim stands up to a lot of wear and there are tons of different cuts and colour combinations. This specific collaboration with RE/DONE is still available but the price point is around $500 and the sizing is very limited and part of that is because it’s limited-edition. If you are interested in RE/DONE over Levi’s, check out The Outnet for some really great sales (search by brand). 

The sweater is the star of the show here, a men’s shawl cardigan. I once saw Alexa Chung wearing a men’s Prada sweater and it imprinted on my brain. I’ve wanted one ever since! Blake’s looks like something Logan Roy would wear – very quiet luxury grandpa.


Here are a few shawl cardigans straight from the men’s department at SimonsGapLL Bean and a cable knit version from Banana Republic. The exact cardigan Blake is wearing is available at Zegna. 

Talisman slippers went from something I spotted rarely to kind of everywhere this year, the same way the Birkenstock clog got really big last year. If you don’t like Uggs or the price point is too high, check for Talisman hard bottoms or clog slippers – most shoes have a version now. (Thanks Gurushabd!)

Attached - Lupita out for dinner in LA with her mother and a friend last week.