Naomi Watts’s monochromatic look

Naomi Watts is doing press for Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans so don’t tell me fashion doesn’t matter. It’s about New York socialites stabbing each other in the back, of course it matters! A reader asked for her boxy top and matching skirt – it’s Bottega Veneta. You can see it in the fourth photo in this carousel. Bottega sells the entire look here and there’s still a few left (very limited sizing). 


This outfit is made of wool, which is why it maintains its shape and structure. It’s not as easy thing to replicate with a lighter material. The reader mentioned Vince and it makes a white wide sleeve tee with a great shape – see it here. Reformation makes a wool skirt in black and camel. But not everything can be duplicated. Bottega ate with this one. (Thanks Ewa!)


Busy’s Corner

I feel like I get so many requests for Busy, she should get her own section here. And it’s earned! Her look for the Mean Girls premiere was so memorable and fresh. She could have gone with a cookie-cutter gown but as we know, that’s not Busy’s style. I adore the polka dots (we don’t see a lot of polka dots on the red carpet) with the gloves and the open-toe shoe with her hair pulled back. All the styling choices are chef’s kiss fantastic. The dress is by Mexican designer Alexia María, who specializes in feminine details and vintage-inspired cuts.


A reader asked me for a dress like Busy’s for a spring wedding and yes, this is excellent. 
But it’s white. I don’t know where that reader lives but in North America, it’s frowned upon to wear white to a wedding (unless it’s specified by the couple). Even though Busy’s dress has a pattern, the base is white so I’d advise against it just in case. (To be honest, I don’t get the outrage over wearing white to a wedding most of the time as no one is going to “steal” attention from the bride whom, presumably, most of the guests know and would be looking out for.) But social rules exist. The good news is Alexia María has tons of gorgeous dresses in different colours (like the Bella Silk column gown). But, the run over $2k so if that’s not in the budget, I sourced some alternatives.

The tricky thing with a spring wedding is that you don’t know if the weather will be sunny and gorgeous or borderline freezing. Maybe even rain! Spring nights cool down fast too, so wearing a layer is always a possibility. For this reason, I’m partial to a long-sleeve dress like this polka dot gown from AFRM or this Free People dress that mixes polka dots and lace. 


Let’s not bypass the gloves. Very underrated for a formal event. Norma Kamali makes gloves. I’ve recommended her pieces a few times but have don’t own any myself. I’m rectifying that this year. (Thanks Giselle!)

Jennifer Lawrence’s leather jacket

There’s no shortage of fawning articles about Jennifer Lawrence’s leather blazer and cargo jeans. Once again, Bottega Veneta. I’ve received a request for a leather blazer, with some pleather options as well. This is a challenge for me. I’ve never seen a piece of pleather I like. There always seems to be a sheen to pleather, even when it’s designer (like this Stella McCartney bomber jacket). Who is making great pleather jackets? Hit me up if you know! In the meantime, this Harper’s BAZAAR piece lists a bunch of options from Good American (pleather, size inclusive and nice cut) to a single-button Veronica Beard blazer. I like the Nanushka belted blazer in brown. See them all here.