Olivia Rodrigo’s white FASHION dress

Lainey wrote about Olivia Rodrigo’s red carpet dress and I agree, it takes the Y2K trend a little too literally. This isn’t elevated Y2K, this is mall Y2K, particularly with the barrel curls. But florals-on-black are not necessarily the problem here – Kerry Washington wore a similar print last month and it looks fresh. 


Both are in Carolina Herrera but Olivia’s dress was shortened when compared to the runway version.


A reader asked about the dress she wore in this slide show below and it's Yohji Yamamoto. He is one of the most enigmatic and original designers working today and it made me think that Olivia (and her team) DO care about style. You don’t pull Yohji Yamamoto if you want the same old, same old. She could have worn Doen or Reformation or any other white dress but chose this. That makes me think there is interest in going deeper into fashion. If you are interested in Yohji, this recent story in The Washington Post by dynamo journalist Rachel Tashjian is a fantastic read.  (Thanks Claire!)


 A gift request for a celebrity book club

An SOS came in from a reader who needs a Secret Santa gift for her celebrity book club. First off, how do I get into a celebrity book club? Second – I love Secret Santa! OK, so in keeping with the celebrity theme and the $25-$35 here are my suggestions:

If you are reading Spare or Endgame: Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy Treatment, which is apparently a Megan Markle favourite and even beyond that, ugh I love this lip balm and while it is expensive ($38 Canadian dollars!!!!), what can I say. Small nice things are sometimes better than big nice things, you know? (Also yes I’m a little over but let’s not quibble over $3.)

If you're reading The Woman in Me: It’s a Britney t-shirt, bitch! Multiple retailers have licensed t-shirts, from Walmart to The Bay to Journey.

If you are reading Down the Drain: It’s easy to create a Julia Fox moment because she is very forthcoming with her favourites: Pat McGrath Dark Star Volumizing Mascara or something off her 2019 favourite things list for The Strategist.


If you are reading Pageboy by  Elliot Page: A ribbed white tank top (I prefer Hanes). Done and done.

If you are reading Kerry Washington's Thicker Than Water: I adore Kerry’s style but it’s not exactly accessible. But I have noticed she drinks a lot of tea. Yogi tea, specifically. Tea and books, can’t go wrong.

(Thank Dani!)

January Jones’s Christmas sweater

Are ugly Christmas sweater parties still a thing, or has it transformed to a “fun” corporate event for office Christmas parties (when HR gets to it, it is no longer fun!)? Anyway, I can’t stand itchy sweaters so this Resting Grinch Face nails the festiveness without the polyester. Also, can we talk about January’s hair right now? Va va voom. Looks great on her. (Her sweater is cashmere from Naadam.)