Leo’s polka dot overalls

This week I mentioned Keke Palmer’s family post and I think baby Leo’s outfit deserves a second look. It’s a polka dot overall and hat set and this would make a great gift. 


Rebecca Gayheart’s striking glasses

I received an email about Rebecca Gayheart’s glasses and honestly? I was really cocky because glasses are my thing. I was sure I’d find this set quickly and I was very wrong. The reason I started off so confident is because most glasses are branded – if these were YSL or Gucci or Balmain or Dior it would be easy to see. The armband is quite distinct but there’s no obvious designer logo, so I searched smaller brands from Japan, independent retailers in LA, luxury department stores in Europe and nothing. I was starting to get a little panicked, especially as people have asked Rebecca (in the comments) what brand these glasses are and she didn’t respond. As I started to prep this column I was ready to admit defeat and then I watched Succession and I noticed Kendall’s glasses. The armband was distinct and looked just like the one on Rebecca’s glasses. We know the Roys are too wealthy for labels (a big part of their aesthetic is plainness) and the wardrobe is heavily covered, so I found the brand Kendall was wearing and searched the site. May I present Jacques Marie Mage’s Lacy glasses. I feel triumphant. (Thanks Sukhi!)


Crazy Rich Asians… five years later

I have a question for Kelley, a reader who sent in a wardrobe question about Crazy Rich Asians this week. Are you trying to kill me Kelley? Do you want to see me perish?! Do you dislike me for some reason? This movie came out in 2018!!!!!!!!! I was not even using retinol when this film came out, OK? I do not have a wayback machine. The dress Kelley is looking for is described as “clown’s tampon” and it’s the multicolour strapless dress featured in a fashion montage (clip below). As Kelley pointed out, it is indeed Ralph Lauren (as noted in a few articles about the wardrobe) and as for finding it on a reseller site, no luck. But the dress did exist – check out the Page Six photo gallery from the 2015 Ralph Lauren show and you will see it. To give you an idea of how long ago that was, the Baldwins  - who sat front row - only had two children together at the time. I do not know if the dress was manufactured for retail. That’s as far as I can take you Kelley. This is a journey you will have to go alone. 


Liv Tyler’s shaggy coat

Finally, a request that doesn’t keep me up at night. Liv Tyler in a great coat, current Burberry season. Spendy, obviously. This kind of shaggy faux fur is really hard to shop for online because you don’t want it to feel scratchy and the fit and movement is everything. Nothing I found so far has hit the spot enough for me to recommend.  This is the kind of coat that deserves an in-person retail stop.(Thanks Rachelle!)


Lil Yachty’s iridescent hoodie

Lil Yachty’s black hoodie, as seen on SNL, is a showstopper. At first I was worried about finding a black hoodie because that’s quite hard to identify and then when I watched the performance and saw the sparkle, I got it. It’s incredibly unique and we are not the only ones looking for it – this has been posted in fashion forums, on Reddit and in the comment section of his fan accounts. There is one particular Lil Yachty outfit identifier Instagram account that does an amazing job and has not posted it (despite fan requests). This makes me think the piece was custom made for this performance, especially because it was such a specific vibe. As I’ve said before, if a celebrity fan account can’t find a piece, it’s unlikely I will be able to source it. That said, Lil Yachty is a dresser. He is a man who cares about his fit. He absolutely maintains archives. So I am quite sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this hoodie but as of today, it’s still a mystery. (Thanks Nav!)