Selena Gomez’s Great Dress

When Selena wears something, it’s not hard to track down as of course brands want to be associated with her and her massive reach. This is a Ronny Kobo and last I checked it was still in stock. Some people are thinking ahead for holiday parties and this dress would work well and I know everyone goes crazy for pockets on a dress or skirt but you know what’s underrated? Sleeves. A long sleeve dress is great for winter nights.


TikTok strikes again

Have you heard of the “wrong shoe theory”? It went viral this summer thanks to stylist Allison Bornstein, who broke down exactly how this works. Basically, it’s about incorporating the “wrong” shoe (ie: a well-worn) sneaker into an outfit (ie: a summer dress). I think model street style (like the Hadids and Emily Ratajkowski in their Adidas)  and people like Sarah Jessica Parker (remember the Covid era sweatpants and heels looks?) have nailed “the wrong shoe” theory. This isn’t new of course (remember Doc Martens paired with baby doll dresses) but I think for those wondering how to pull it off, Bornstein has some good tips. 


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♬ original sound - Allison Bornstein

Denim, like bathing suit shopping, has a reputation for being extremely painful. That’s where Allison is focusing now and I recently found my fall pair (not to brag) from Madewell and let me tell you, I have bought a lot of denim in my life and it is one piece that I think price point doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the fit. And in my research I came across an interesting theory that jeans are TOO LONG for many of us and that screws up the fit. Now I’m short (5’2”) but I’m not far off from the Canadian national average for women (5’4”). But even as brands build on sizing for different bodies, height is very rarely taken into consideration. The models are always tall. Petite sizing (which I always thought meant skinny – wrong!) is actually for shorter people but very few brands make petite sizing. There’s a million kinds of jeans but rarely any kind of variation in length. So if you are jean shopping this fall, that’s where I would recommend starting – find reviews for brands that fit your height and go from there.


It’s “Lenny Kravitz’s Giant Scarf” weather

I don’t even need to post a photo as this has to be the most famous scarf in the world. Lenny pulled it out to launch his TikTok (hot boy fall) and I got curious so did some digging – his friend made it for him, so there’s no designer attached. This is a good friend as can you imagine how long it took to knit this? And he still has it! Great quality. 

For those looking for a Lenny-style chunky scarf, I highly recommend Etsy. I’ve had so much success buying clothes on Etsy and part of it is dumb luck but part of it is getting the search settings right. There’s a lot of junk but to weed it out, skip past sponsored listings, filter searches to your country and read the reviews. Many of the storefronts have Instagram accounts to look through as well. There are so many great custom pieces you can have made (mine was a super chunky grey scarf) and the seller was from my city. How great is that? I currently have my eye on this purple and green scarf – it’s vintage and there’s only one so someone might beat me to it. 


It’s the first day of fall. #autumn #scarves #LennyKravitz

♬ original sound - Lenny Kravitz

Taylor Russell’s orange jacket

I had two request come in after the pap shots of Taylor Russell and Harry Styles went out – it’s for her orange jacket. Definitely Nike and a few available on resellers - key words are “quilted” and “orange” for the search. Harry, through his work with Gucci, is a hardcore Adidas fan but honestly I would love to see Harry mix up his style a bit. Taylor has incredible taste and maybe that will inspire him. I’m so freaking sick of Gucci. (Here’s a great review on the latest runway show from brilliant fashion journalist Rachel Tashjian at The Washington Post.)