Succession’s wardrobe is always an event and is covered extensively by great writers like Rachel Syme of The New Yorker and @successionfashion. This particular theory, about a slinky body suit worn by Shiv Roy, is from Bianca Betancourt at Harper’s BAZAAR. She clocked the body suit as SKIMS because as she points out, for muted shapeware, it definitely has a very distinct texture and design. 


She also reached out to SKIMS, who said it is not their suit and Betancourt points to other brands like Aritzia and Yitty as possible dupes. But this Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit looks strikingly like the one on Shiv Roy. The question is, why would any brand deny being on the hottest show on television? 


Hugh Jackman is an advocate for skin cancer prevention and with that, I present his big hat. Some brands call this a lifeguard hat so I’ll stick with that. The beauty of this style of hat is that it comes in so many different price points and different brands (like Quicksilver and Roxy), it’s straw (durable, breathable, quick drying) and it is surprisingly easy to pack. I like to stuff it with socks and then make a little clothing fort around it. So yes it’s stylish but it’s also safe! And even if skin cancer is not your concern, any facialist will tell you that sun protection is crucial to healthy skin. 


Here’s Lizzo in a Good American Always Fits Tiny Metallic bikini that pops! She has worn this one before and when you get a bathing suit that fits like this, you don’t let it go. Obviously it doesn’t please me to include two Kardashian brands this week. It’s not like I sought it out. I just go where the fashion takes me. (Please note that Lizzo is also sun safe with her custom hat!)


There was a little tidbit on DeuxMoi about Haley Lu Richardson and Evan Peters. I would be very into this pairing. But can we talk about this sweatshirt? I don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum and Haley and her friends made a very fun video but my goodness, I really hate it. What is the purpose of this? To tell people you are empathetic? To implore others to be more empathetic? Can a sweatshirt really grasp a complex emotional and social concept? If one is empathetic, what does one gain from displaying it like this? This is like how people with “kindness” in their bio are always the rudest assholes. If I see someone in this I will immediately assume they are a sociopath. If you are yelling at your screen and want to get back at me, you can find it here.


A reader sent me a DM about Emma Corrin’s boots as seen in this video. I believe they are wearing Paco Rabanne Fall 2020 (seen here on the runway). Aquazurra makes a similar pair, also hard to find. For a similar lace-up combat boot (I love the intensity of this look!), there’s Alexander McQueen, Prada, Free People’s Victory boot and the people’s shoe, Steve Madden Hariet in black (this is nearly sold out everywhere).