Ryan Reynolds is NOT Jared Leto (thank goodness)

Another request for a Ryan Reynolds’s sweater when he took a walk with Hugh Jackman on his birthday. Like the pink number from last week, this one is Bode ($850US)


Ryan Reynolds is in his twee era and I like it because he has pretty normcore style so when you throw in something jaunty it doesn’t look try hard. He’s just a dad wearing a quirky sweater, you know? This is a marked difference from someone like Jared Leto, who drapes himself in Gucci and TRIES to look quirky all the time. I don’t think Ryan is trying to be fashionable or edgy or ironic with his sweaters, which is what makes it work. Also helps that he’s wearing a great pair of pants, which I haven’t definitively ID’d but he wears a lot of Rag & Bone pants and said he keeps them for years.


North Star Sweater

Wow, do people love sweaters. And with that love comes struggle because a lot of us have a North Star sweater. I don’t want to speak for Lainey here but both of us have obsessed for years over this cream Celine sweater Gwyneth Paltrow often wears. Sasha wrote about it for the site in 2011! This is a generational sweater and if I were Apple Martin, the first thing I would steal from my mom’s closet. GP still wears this sweater and has even mentioned it when she talks about designing sweaters for Goop (90s J.Crew and Gap also get a nod). The Celine is my pick but everyone has their own, like Anne Hathaway’s cream sweater from Love & Other Drugs. I believe it’s Michael Kors but the film came out in 2010, so please cut me some slack. 

As for the wide-neck, cableknit, the Jade Sweater from Isabel Marant checks all the boxes (and it’s over $1000). I am also really into this Gap sweater, a classic


A reader also sent me a link to a Spanish brand called babaà and now I want everything. Really beautiful pieces, sustainably made – the kind of “forever” pieces we always talk about. (Thanks Amanda and Barbara!)


Pitch Perfect Pants

This request actually went to Sasha who passed it on and it’s for a pair of high-waisted pants Anna Kendrick wore in Pitch Perfect. Again, I’m convinced some people reading this hate me because how am I going to find pants from 2012?!

I can’t find this exact pair from a decade ago but for the same vibe, I looked for high-waisted wax jeans. Wax jeans used to be huge and maybe they will be again? Rag & Bone has a pair on Ssense; there’s a Dr. Denim pair on Revolve; and to try it without breaking the bank, Dynamite has a pair of coated skinny jeans.

The reader specifically mentioned the button details so for that, I found a pair from Sezane; Guess (probably the closest to Anna Kendrick’s); and with a wide-leg cut Frame trouser jeans. (Thanks Emily!)

Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect