Red Sweater (Taylor’s Version)

I mean do we even need to talk about Taylor’s on-field appearance? We’re literally eavesdropping on them at this point. A reader who says she isn’t super into social media asked me about Taylor’s red sweater and it’s a good question  - it’s Guest In Residence, which is Gigi Hadid’s cashmere line. It’s sold out on the website (in every colour) and we know Taylor is intentional with her choices. So that BS story about Gigi being one of the friends “concerned” about TNT was, obviously, total nonsense. We knew that.


Guest In Residence is all cashmere. Tay’s sweater is pretty heavy but they have some lighter pieces for layering, like the men’s cashmere button downs (my personal favourite). These pieces look rich and that’s because they are! Very few items under $500 and that’s with the current sale. It’s a very specific market and I wonder if Gigi’s plan is to stay in this luxury lane (like The Row), or offer different lines at different price points (like Goop). Looking back, The Row was all about creating a premium white t-shirt and look at them now. (Thanks Lisa!)


Kat from TikTok

I have to admit I didn’t know who Kat Stickler was until I received this request and am still not 100% sure but I do love a denim top. Kat’s is AGOLDE’s Rona Box Shirt and while I could pretend to be a genius detective, the truth is I scrolled the comments until she answered a question about it. I like the cut and while usually I’m not into a crop, this would work so well with high-waisted jeans. And she rolled the sleeves, strong choice. This could be the kind of shirt you live in come spring. My only quibble is that it’s hard to fit wide sleeves like this into a coat without getting all bunched up. 


(Thanks Teresa!)


I liked how things were going before

♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

Get on the Jacqueline Novak train

I supposed I did this to myself as I’ve mentioned Jacqueline Novak’s Get On Your Knees several times and now people are asking about her grey t-shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers from the Netflix special. As I’ve said before, the simpler the piece (ie: a t-shirt) the harder it is to find. When I saw her show live, she was wearing Everlane jeans (the 90s cheeky). I don’t think these are Everlane as they are a little too distressed for that brand. While researching, I read a few articles and I had no idea outfit choice is intentionally generic (she talks about that here). Per the Daily Beast’s piece on her she says, ““Wearing this sort of nothing outfit, I want to forget my body as much as I can to deliver my ideas, right? I’m like this relatively neutral doll moving around the stage. In this real way, I am removing my femininity.” The purposeful forsaking of typically feminine fashion is the point.


But I’m trying not to be totally useless so I will tell you this: I recently bought a pair of distressed SLVRLAKE jeans for on sale at The Outnet for $50, yes $50!, and I regret to inform you the fit is amazing. For this kind of t-shirt, search “jersey oversize heather grey crewneck” and you will get so many options – pick something with 100% cotton. (And I think the sneakers are Greywolf? I’m not 100% sure though!)