I don’t know if this is really corduroy but it looks to me like it has the texture of corduroy. Wait, no. It doesn’t have ridges. So it’s velvet. Are velvet and corduroy basically the same sh-t? I will Google, stand by. 

Google has learned me that …yes… they are…sort of. Not really but close enough. That was my lesson in textiles for the day. 

Anyway, Ashanti is wearing a caramel velvet blazer dress with strong shoulders and a belt and I really do like the look but I don’t know if this is the season for it. Fashion, more and more, is becoming seasonless, sure, but there are some looks that just belong fully and completely in a certain season, you know? And this fabric in this colour screams fall. She looks great. But she looks like she’s in October. 

The cage shoes though, they’re a little dated now, non?