I like leopard print. My issue with leopard print is that it’s often used in tight fits or exposed fits. Or it was. These days designers and clothing brands are much more imaginative with how leopard print is used. Not that this dress on Ashlee Simpson is breaking ground in imagination but my point is that there was a time when you’d only see this print in a body-con dress or top with a wide open neckline. None of that is happening here. 


This dress flows, it’s loose, with a high collar and ruffle cuffs, falling to my favourite length, mid-calf, and paired with thick-sole brogues. In my opinion, for my personal style, this is the perfect leopard print dress. I’ve been looking for one like this, maybe in a slightly thicker material, for a while. 

But shout-out also to Evan Ross because this is a great fit on him too – a Balenciaga sweatshirt accessorised with a chain and a I love how he’s wearing his pants. They hang great off his hips but it’s the length I’m really into. This has been trending for men for a while now, a shorter pant, exposing more of the ankle. His are covered so the effect isn’t quite as obvious but it’s really sexy when the skin is exposed and it’s the season for it now too. My husband, Jacek, is posting right now because Emily has the day off. This article is really for his benefit because if only I could get him to try this fit. He will refuse, to his own detriment.