Adele doesn’t want us knowing anything about her divorce which tracks. She didn’t want us to know she was married either. Adele locks her sh-t down tight. She hasn’t posted on Instagram THIS YEAR. And during the COVID-19 shutdown, while most celebrities can’t stop updating you on their lives, she like Beyoncé has remained super undercover. That said, I wonder if she’s one of the people Harry Styles is isolating with. Not romantically, just as friends. If those two were going to get down, it would have happened a long time ago. (Dlisted) 

Do you put makeup on when you video chat with your friends and family in isolation? Monday to Friday, since we’re shooting The Social and etalk from home, I’ll do the bare minimum. Eyebrows, blush, lip stain. Today I forgot mascara, that’s how committed I am to looking indecent in these times. When we don’t have to shoot, there is no way I’m doing anything to my face. I am determined to not look good until this f-cksh-t is over because in my mind, I don’t want to associate anything pleasant with these few weeks. It’s a personal coping mechanism, and it might not be for everyone. Certainly not for Ashley Graham. She’s the exact opposite. (Cele|bitchy) 

FUG Madness 2020 – we have a champion! Is this an honour? Do you think the person who came in second is disappointed? I feel like she might be. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I’m actually surprised that it took this long for this to happen on one of the morning shows. Although, I suppose, since it’s been three or four weeks, depending on where you live, that’s probably how long some people go between haircuts. So does it stop here at Carson Daly? Or will there be more people giving themselves haircuts on live television? You know who has great hair? Cameron Crowe. He was part of the Schitt’s Creek series finale documentary last night and I noticed it for the first time. (Pajiba) 

Panda videos have always been a part of my self-care, pandemic or not. How are the pandas doing during lockdown? Well apparently these two are horny because they f-cked for the first time in ten years. Please, if they make a baby, do not name it Coco. (The Cut)