Apparently this exercise is good for your ass muscles. OK. I have some questions. Is it better or worse for your ass muscles than squats? I thought squats were the end-all-and-be-all of ass exercises. Was that a lie? Or is it that squats are preferable to these, um, weighted thrusts (weight-f-king?) because they're not as high profile. Nobody cares if you're doing squats at the gym. But you're a heatscore if you do the thrusting at the gym and isn't that what the gym is for for some people? People are always trying to hook up at the gym. And now they have a move that accomplishes both the calorie burn and sends out the DTF bat signal at the same time. (Dlisted) 

As I've said before, I am 100% in support of socks with sandals. It's a great look. But like many other great looks, you can't abuse it. Sequins can be a great look, for example. But if you wear sequins every day, it starts to get tired. Or it becomes a signature. Maybe that's what Ashley Tisdale is after - to make socks with sandals her signature for this particular era of her career. I'm not mad at it. There's a 90s Spice Girls throwback vibe happening here. But for the rest of us who are not out to brand a phase, judicious application is key. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Apologies in advance to Emily, our site manager, who has been on our team for almost a decade and jokingly refers to me and Jacek as her work parents. It grosses Emily out to even think about me and Jacek having sex. And now I'm about to make her read a paragraph about our sex in the shower. Poor Emily. Several celebrities have talked this week about the joys of having sex in the shower. I love it. And it's not like I have a big shower. It's a pretty standard tub that I only use as a shower, but Jacek built a bench/shelf into it a few years ago for all my products and, well, it has other uses. Shower sex is also great because you're already in the shower and you don't have to get out of bed, or the couch, or off the kitchen counter afterwards to clean up. I have a shower addiction. I shower, at minimum, three times a day, and always, always have after sex, otherwise I'm mentally paralyzed the rest of the day or night and can't think of anything else but needing to shower. (Cele|bitchy) 

The pictures of these fish? Ocean animals? Whatever. They're crazy. Fascinating. And terrifying. One of them looks like the monster Tom Hardy turns into in Venom. Like exactly. Several others have very human faces. Which supports the theory that at one point, we all used to be fish people. Which...does that mean that The Shape of Water is a true story? (OMG Blog) 

There's a major controversy happening in Australia and I am all over it. We should all be all over it. We should all care very deeply about this issue: how to apply condiments on a hot dog. The suggestion in question, the one that's gotten people really pissed off, is that onions should go under the sausage. Some people are really offended. Well, those people are stupid. Because this is exactly how a hot dog should be constructed. It's the PRACTICAL and INTELLIGENT way to build your dog. When you layer your condiments on top of the sausage, everything goes all over the place. When you tuck the condiments underneath the sausage - like onions and cheese and relish - you get them more evenly distributed with every bite. Like, I'll do a zigzag stripe of mustard or ketchup across the top of the hot dog but this is for cosmetic purposes only, like a flourish to finish off the look. But for eating purposes? To guarantee a more satisfying eating experience? Condiments under the sausage! FIGHT ME. (The Cut) 

It is officially award season. And one of this season's biggest awards contenders, and possibly Oscar contenders, is Alfonso Cuaron's Roma. Alfonso won the Oscar for Best Director for Gravity. He is well-respected in the Academy. But Roma is a Netflix picture. And the Academy is all kinds of conflicted about Netflix. Some think that Netflix is trying to "con" the business. Others think Netflix is supporting artists and projects that would be otherwise ignored by the studios. Apparently it's a big conversation among Academy members right now because Roma and Alfonso Cuaron cannot be ignored. (The Hollywood Reporter)