Austin Butler’s semi-permanent Elvis voice doesn’t bother me as much as it would if it were someone else, even though he’s trying to get rid of it now. I think it’s because he’s aware of it, he’s even sheepish about it. He knows. He’s not justifying it, he gets the reaction, and it’s not like he’s walking around on set making people push him around in a wheelchair and getting so into character that he’s an insufferable asshole. If you don’t know who I’m referring to (how could you not?), it’s Jared Leto. (Dlisted)


I loved everything about Shania Twain at the Grammys. Yes her outfit on the red carpet but wacky…but that’s not new for her. She’s never been boring about her fashion. And most importantly she’s having fun with it. She was up on her feet for every performance and she was singing along, no matter the genre, and it feels like she really has no f-cks to give right now….which looks really, realy good on her. (Go Fug Yourself)

Sarah already mentioned it briefly, but did you see “daddy” Pedro Pascal host SNL this weekend? I LOVE him. And I loooved that sketch with him as the teacher and the students telling him he “left no crumbs”. With his best friend making a cameo, of course. Could the writing have been stronger? Sure. But it was one of the better weeks because of his energy. (Pajiba)  

I appreciated Taylor Swift dancing to Bad Bunny last night at the Grammys. As for her look – I actually think she dialed it back because she’s saving it for next year when Midnights is eligible. But her fans still had theories about the colour and the earrings and whether or not that means that Speak Now: Taylor’s Version is coming out soon. (Cele|bitchy)  

You got me with this title. “Divorced Dad doing thirst traps.” And then you click on it and see who it’s about and…. (The Cut)