Full disclosure: I’m just here to please in this post, total obsequiousness. Because I know how you feel about Timothee Chalamet. And you know what? Ava DuVernay feels the same way. Ava and Timmy were both at the Academy’s Governors Awards on Sunday and here’s what she posted about him afterwards, he made that much of an impression: 

Ava DuVernay doesn’t have to publicly say nice things about Timothee Chalamet. She’s doing it because, clearly, she enjoyed meeting him. So… does he have her vote? 

This is Timmy’s second award season in a row. He was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar last year for his performance in Call Me By Your Name, the youngest Best Actor nominee in over 70 years. The Academy rewards young actresses, not actors. Not in that category. But… Timmy might have a better chance in the Supporting Actor category where most experts not only consider him a lock for a nomination for his work in Beautiful Boy, some are saying he might actually take it. Gold Derby just reported today that he has a really good chance against the favourite, Mahershala Ali, because Mahershala just won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar two years ago for Moonlight. And Timothee has been building up a lot of goodwill over TWO seasons. He’s showing up. He’s meeting everyone. He’s charming them, he just charmed Ava, and he hasn’t fumbled. Also, not that this matters, but his red carpet choices continue to be excellent.