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Avengers: Infinity War broke all kinds of records this weekend at the box office, surpassing Star Wars: The Force Awakens to achieve the biggest domestic opening of all time. So, technically, Avengers is bigger than Star Wars? Fanbases can sometimes get quite competitive. Are the Star Wars nerds pissed about Avengers? Or does that nerd sh-t only happen between Marvel and DC? 

Since Avengers is officially the highest grossing movie worldwide, I’m assuming that many of you reading this site today have already seen it. I saw it yesterday and that was already considered kinda late. I’m asking because Sarah managed to avoid spoilers in her review last week but now that the first weekend is behind us, and now that enough people know what happens at the end, and at the beginning, and in the middle….how much longer do we have to wait before we talk about it? We already have to wait an entire year before we finish, as Avengers 4 (there’s still no title but I wonder now if they’ve held off on confirming the title because of what happens in Infinity War so as not to spoil anything?) doesn’t come out until May 3, 2019. Before that though, there’s Ant-Man which is due out in just a few weeks on July 6 and while what happens in that movie takes place BEFORE what we just saw in Infinity War, apparently the story will include information that will be critical to understanding what will go down when we finally get to Avengers 4. Which is kind of a problem for me because… I don’t really care about Ant-Man and now I’m supposed to? We’re still also supposed to keep caring about Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, by the way. But the one I care about most though is Valkyrie. WHERE IS SHE? 

Here’s what Tessa Thompson has to say about that:

And this, LOL:

Note the typo there, by the way. She joked about the extra “s” later but, I mean, now that you’ve seen how it all goes down, it’s either a looooong ass war…or a war in two parts, right? 

Here’s Tessa at the Tribeca Film Festival last week posing like a boss. And also attached – Chadwick Boseman out for lunch in LA this weekend. Chadwick was seen in Atlanta last fall when they were working on Avengers 4 so… 

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