At this point in the Best Actress Oscar race, it’s safe to say that out of five nomination spots, two are pretty much secure: Lily Gladstone and Emma Stone. They are the frontrunners, having both just won Golden Globes on Sunday and they will most likely be nominated for SAGs when those nominations are announced today. 


Coming out of the Globes, Lily might have a slight edge, since her win was in the drama category – but it’s too early to make any declarations, since technically Lily’s role in Killers of the Flower Moon is a supporting one and Emma is out here campaigning so hard, clearly going for it. As I said the other day, what might be working against Emma is that she’s won before but that can also be a benefit: she is super well-connected in the business, and she’s been in the business for years, which means she’s worked so many members of the Academy’s actors branch, the biggest branch that votes on the Oscars. 

So here they are at the Governors Awards last night, not taking any chances, making sure to put in the time with the Academy. And both of serving a look! Both of these outfits, in my opinion, are better than what we saw at the Globes. 


Lily is wearing Huishan Zhang – a black dress under a black blazer and it looks better on her than on the runway. 


I love that she wore the jacket closed but I love it even more that she’s supporting a designer whose name doesn’t often come up on these occasions. Huishan Zhang is a British Chinese designer based in London who came up through Dior and launched his own brand over a decade ago. This is a HUGE moment for him. 

As we have seen, Lily and her stylist, Jason Rembert, have been so thoughtful about what she’s worn this award season, showcasing the work of Indigenous artist and creatives from other underrepresented communities. There are so many more red carpet opportunities ahead and I can’t wait to see what they have planned next. 


Emma’s look at the Globes was Louis Vuitton, by necessity since she’s an ambassador. For the Governors Awards, which are more important than the Globes but perhaps less visible in terms of public awareness, she was probably less restricted… which is why the look is SO MUCH BETTER. I am f-cking OBSESSED with this exquisite Fendi two-piece, and even more surprised that it’s actually Fendi. 

The way the jacket is coming off the shoulders, slouchy but not unstructured; the layers in the skirted and the slightly tucked hem; and this colour, the sparkle, and luxuriousness of it! But also, very much in the spirit of Bella Baxter – like it’s a shame to me that this couldn’t have been saved for the SAGs or the BAFTAs or even for the Oscars. Because this look is, already, ten days into the new year, one of the BEST of 2024. Watch, it’ll hold up.