I am pretty sure that Anastasia, the youngest on our team, has no idea who Fabio is. And if you’re the same, I’ll just tell you that at one point, years ago, he was the desired. Anyway, Fabio is now looking for love – do we need to put energy into the Gossip Genie for him? It’s definitely not going to be me. I hate bugs and I do not enjoy being in nature. Which means that Fabio and I are not meant to be. (Dlisted) 


You know what’s apparently a big fashion trend for fall? Butterflies! And it’s a testament to Mariah Carey that as soon as I hear even the word butterflies, let alone see one, I think of her. Her power! I wonder how Mimi feels about butterflies being all over everyone this fall. (PopSugar) 

Awkwafina looks SO good on the cover of Cosmo and she is even better in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Again, the embargo is in place until next week so there’s not much more I’m allowed to say yet but she’s a delight and as she says in this interview, she’s doing some stunts so she’s adding even more to her skillset. Comedy and drama and action, Awkwafina has the range. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Harry on a Horse made a surprise appearance at a polo match in Aspen and it’s the first time he’s been in public since Lilibet was born. He also announced a charitable contribution. There were no leaks in advance of his attendance, yet another example of how the Sussexes have been able to lock it down pretty tight in the US, unlike the way it was when they lived in the UK. (Cele|bitchy) 

I scored 100% on this English quiz and I did not cheat. But that doesn’t mean I’m some kind of genius. The questions weren’t that hard?! Oh sh-t is that a humble brag? Let’s try another one, less obnoxious. A food quiz about your personality and how fiery it is. I can take a lot of heat – and this quiz confirms that. (Buzzfeed)