Dear Gossips, 

I love so much what Bad Bunny did on Saturday Night Live this weekend. First of all, he charmed the f-ck out of everyone – like, I don’t see how you could be watching and not be delighted every time he showed up on screen. 


And, of course, he made it bilingual. I say of course because this is the world’s most streamed artist for several years running, and he performs in Spanish. So why shouldn’t he host the show speaking primarily in his mother tongue? Music is a universal language, but also, so is comedy. I don’t speak Spanish but I still laughed through all the sketches where Benito spoke predominantly in Spanish, like the one with Luis bringing another girlfriend home to meet his tia and, unexpectedly, his mom: 


Saturday night was a great showcase for Marcello who, by the way, has gone on television in real life to pay tribute to his mama:


It’s a great example of diversity and its advantages – without Marcello on the cast, Bad Bunny’s episode would not have been as inclusive for the host as it ended up being. Having Marcello on the cast gave opportunity for Benito to shine. And he did. Because he was having a great time. As Sarah texted me to say yesterday, it looked like Benito was game for anything, like randomly dressing up as Shrek but when asked whether or not he likes Shrek… “not really”, LOL. 

And it was Benito side by side with Marcello for the best sketch of the night, The Age of Discovery: 


“Melón con herpes” will never not be funny. And then Andrew Dismukes flicking holy water at it, I was crying. 

Benito was enough, in my opinion, but he also brought reinforcements – oh just Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga. Calling it a flex is an understatement. And I can’t even imagine how excited he must have been, especially since he’s known to have been a Little Monster for a while, even wearing Gaga merch on multiple occasions, including this one: 


So the fact that she showed up to introduce his first performance, in Spanish… as you can see, he couldn’t hide the thrill. Look at that little smile: 


As for what happened after, as predicted, Kendall Jenner (who was in the audience during the show) was with Benito for the after-party…although everyone could probably do with more Pedro and Benito instead. 

Yours in gossip,