In this universe, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are no longer together… but Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are still a thing. And it’s been six months, at least. Rumours about Kendall and Benito first broke in February; half a year later and it continues. They were at the Dave Chappelle show last night in West Hollywood. Kendall was wearing a sheer black top over a bra alongside Benito in a brown leather jacket. At one point it looks like he was lightly holding onto her hand as they were getting into their car to leave. So…can we say this is no longer a situationship but a relationship? It’s serious now, non? 


Anyway, Chappelle’s wasn’t the only show that Kendall and Benito were at recently. They also went to see 50 Cent in Nashville on the weekend. Only 50 didn’t know that they were there and complained about it on social media: 


Didn’t expect 50 Cent fangirling Kendall and Benito to show up on the bingo card this year but that’s how the year has been going. 

And in other Benito news, did you hear about the imposter?! 


I am so embarrassed for this person. Like it wasn’t just like he was walking around minding his own business and people thought he looked like Benito. He deliberately left the house cosplaying Bad Bunny, hoping that this might happen!