Bad Bunny started 2023 by wiping out his Instagram. That was in early January, just after he went viral for throwing a fan’s phone into the bushes when she was following him and trying to film him. He then defended himself on Twitter saying that he’s down with someone who wants to say hello and have a conversation but has no time for a person shoving their phone in his face – that tweet has since been deleted and it’s been quiet on socials ever since. At least on his socials. Other people’s socials, it’s a different story. 


Because while Benito may have been on a break, he wasn’t exactly low profile. You can’t be low profile if you’re dating a Kardashian-Jenner. And then of course there was his TIME Magazine cover story


Bad Bunny headlines at Coachella. In anticipation of his set, he’s returned to IG and the intrigue is in the caption: 

“I have so much to tell you, but I better tell you […] at Coachella...”


So Benito has something to say. Is it in response to what people have been saying about him? The criticism of Bad Bunny over the last few months isn’t just to do with Kendall. It goes way deeper than that. This TikTok sums it up: 


The presumption here, then, is that Benito is aware that many in the Latin community are disappointed in him. And now people are wondering if he’ll address it during his performance tonight. And, of course, other gossips are wondering whether or not Kendall will show…and what that will mean. 

Related to Bad Bunny and Kendall, literally – Kylie and Timothée Chalamet …

Because Kylie was seen pulling up to Timmy’s place yesterday, or at least her car was, you can see those pictures here. My question is are the paps just sitting on Timmy’s house or were they tipped off that someone interesting would be arriving at Timmy’s house? 

Is this an appetiser for this weekend? Will we get our first couple shots of Kylie and Timmy at Coachella this weekend? 

More importantly, at least for me, will we get some shots of Jungkook at Coachella?!


That’s what BTS fans are wondering because JK has been in the US for almost a week now for what Korean media outlets called an “overseas brand event” and he’s a Calvin Klein ambassador now and Calvin Klein has had a presence at Coachella over the years. Justin Bieber has also been a presence at Coachella over the years and a few days ago, Scooter Braun posted this: 

That’s Jungkook in the studio working with producers who have previously collaborated with JB on some of his hits, with Scooter promising that this is a big moment in history so… 

While whatever they were recording may not necessarily reveal itself at Coachella, there is speculation that Jungkook might show up there to vibe with other artists and rep Calvin Klein. This is who I’ll be looking for during Bad Bunny’s set.