Bad Bunny must have thought the weekend was too boring yesterday when he decided to trend himself on social media. Because he posted an epic photo dump on IG stories and the internet woke right up. Let’s not pretend he didn’t know what he was doing. He had to know how people would react to some of these pictures and a certain video. 


But let’s ease into it. Because one of the takeaways here is that Benito is feeling himself right now. He’s been hitting the gym, he’s been seeing the results…

Bad Bunny in the gym
Bad Bunny in the gym

But then he made a joke about how quickly the work in the gym can be undone by just a few days of holiday and junk food…


But maybe it wasn’t a joke because after throwing up a picture of his McDonald’s order, Benito caused a meltdown with this: 

Bad Bunny Tummy
Bad Bunny tummy

That’s the original lighting. The internet improved on it. Here’s the lightened version and, um, if you open that shot up to full size, it might be NSFW because it’s pubes and just the tip. Or, rather, the base. 


As you would expect, this was the crown jewel of Benito’s thirst dump. Here’s a bonus shot of him at the plate barefoot and shirtless in a pair of small shorts. 

Bad Bunny batting
Bad Bunny batting

But there’s gossip too. Because while he doesn’t include Kendall Jenner’s face in any of the images and videos he shared, she does show up. Benito and Kendall were obviously on holiday together and you can see a bit of her legs and hear her voice quite clearly here. He also refers to her as “mami”: 

By now we all know how this works. He could have muted the video and he didn’t. And there’s more – because not only is he out here telling us that they’re together, he’s also hyping her tequila: 

Bunny 818
Bad Bunny's 818 endorsement

Considering how much controversy and criticism Kendall attracted with 818, Benito’s endorsement of it is pretty major. 


But then, of course, come the gossip theories. Why was Bad Bunny so generous yesterday, why was he seemingly so eager to do Kris Jenner’s work? Well, a few days ago, TikTok was doing Video Assumption on this interaction between Benito and Kim Kardashian from the Drake concert (thanks Esther!): 

Me personally? We should know by now after all these years that Photo and Video Assumption are not reliable forms of gossip so I don’t buy it. But that’s not the point. The point here is that there are a lot of people out there who do buy it…and since we know Kris is always watching, and that celebrities are always aware, despite claiming not to be, what people are saying about them, people now think that Benito’s thirst trapping on IG yesterday was meant to shut that conversation down and start a new one. Done and done. 

Attached: Benito in NYC on August 24, 2023.