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Happy New Year and please be safe this weekend. There is so much more gossip to come in 2018. And… we’re out! 

This is not going to help my fear of haircuts. I HATE getting my hair cut. I once sat in a stylist’s chair and, without warning, he sliced off an entire ponytail and then left me for half an hour to take a phone call. It’s a vulnerable position to be in. My ma makes me get my hair cut every year before Chinese New Year. Which means I’m almost due. And I’m dreading it every day, especially now that I’ve seen what happened to this guy. (Dlisted) 

The FUG Girls remember the 100 worst red carpet looks of 2017. And you will note that many of them involve sheer and lace and see-through sh-t. So can this trend be over already? Or will we have to endure another year of everyone thinking that the Zuhair Murad thing is fresh? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Robin Wright’s new boyfriend is French and fashionable and younger. I’m not looking at him though. I’m looking at this hairstyle on her. It’s a really, really good hairstyle on her. Not on everyone, but definitely on her. (Cele|bitchy) 

You know I love a quiz! And we have to end the year on a quiz, right? This isn’t so much a quiz than it is a… makeup personality survey? I chose lipstick. And my lipstick brand ended up being called “Crazy, Stupid Cosmetics”. Would you spend money on a lipstick from “Crazy, Stupid Cosmetics”? Say yes. (Buzzfeed) 

I think I’ve said this before but I have a thing for pandas. Sometimes that’s all I do on Friday nights. In bed with my laptop and suddenly, it’s 3 hours later and I’ve spent the whole time just watching panda videos. That said, I’m also very superstitious. Is it really bad luck to fly with a panda? Have you ever heard of this before? Margaret Thatcher refused to fly with a panda because she thought it would bring her bad luck? I need to ask my ma about this. (The Cut) 

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Do you make them? I generally don’t. This year I just have a to-do list. There’s an essay I have to finish by Tuesday. I also have some papers that still need to be graded. And some other sh-t I don’t want to think about but should probably start thinking about. Meghan Markle’s New Year’s resolutions, however, are always the same. I don’t think she should stop swearing though. (Telegraph)