BAFTA CEO, Amanda Berry, is stepping down from her position. Apparently it has to do with her being “too familiar” with the royals. Well that probably involves Prince William since he’s the ceremonial head of BAFTA. What, exactly, does “too familiar” mean where the royals are concerned? Did she forget to curtsey? Did she use the wrong fork during a lunch meeting? Did she use an emoji during a text exchange? You never know with this family with all their rules, what they would consider “too familiar”. Sometimes for sh-ts and giggles, I try to imagine my ma meeting the British royals. My ma is gangster, she grew up in Hong Kong, hanging out with the triads. There is no “inside voice” when she’s talking. It’s possible if she met the Queen she’d slurp her noodles so loud and chew with her mouth open, they’d throw her in prison. (Cele|bitchy)   


My favourite story about Leonardo DiCaprio in YEARS. And it involves him being very cold with animals, but not on a film set and not as part of an Oscar campaign convincing people what a hardcore “actor” he is because he suffered in the cold. This time his suffering was for his companions. Leo’s dogs have been described as “psychotic”. What does this mean? Unruly? Maybe that’s the one thing I have in common with him: unruly dogs. (Dlisted)  

Holy sh-t, look at this Anna Wintour throwback photo. It’s from 1990 at a movie premiere and she’s wearing something I could never, ever picture her wearing now. No, it’s not to do with age, but with style. A short tight sequined dress now just isn’t Anna. Also… does she look a little bit like Ghislaine Maxwell? (Go Fug Yourself)  


Jerry Maguire came out 25 years ago. And I agree with Brian Richards here – it’s a good movie, it’s a movie I will rewatch, no hesitation. Sure, like all things that are 25 years old, maybe some things didn’t age well. But there are also so many moments in the movie that are forever entertaining. Jerry Maguire gave us several unforgettable movie quotes, I know you know what they are – like, “You complete me”, or “Show me the money”. But “shoplift the pootie” is also a good one. And also, what we don’t talk about enough is how f-cking WONDERFUL Regina King is in that movie. No one else could deliver that line, “This family doesn’t work without him” better than she did. (Pajiba)  

Because of the fifth wave, where I live we’re staring down another lockdown-ish Christmas. Right now it’s looking like I won’t even be seeing my parents. So the only thing getting me through is thinking about food. What to cook, what to eat. You know the one flaw in western and European Christmas food though? Raisins are everywhere. Like I will f-ck with almost everything Italian, but I can’t get with panettone because of the raisins. That said, I really enjoyed reading this article about panettone. It’s really too bad about the raisins. (Eater)