Dear Gossips, 

I logged onto the etalk morning call today a bit late so I missed our host Danielle Graham’s pitch…which was about a fashion item that I wasn’t aware of until this meeting. And typically I like to know as much about fashion items as possible. With this particular fashion item, however, I wish I didn’t know. I wish I never knew. I want to unknow and unsee. Since that’s impossible, I’m forcing it on you – if you’ve not had the displeasure yet, behold… the heeled Croc: 


This is an abomination. That said, as horrific as they are, at least what they’ve given us are comments. And the internet came hard for this sh-t. The NY Post pulled out a couple of the best ones. Like “God has abandoned usand “Kill it with fire”, LOLOLOL.


Still, Crocs are a thing. Most of us lost in 2020 but there were exceptions – BTS, Netflix, and Crocs were among the few who emerged not only unscathed but stronger than ever. All kinds of celebrities have sold-out Crocs collaborations including Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber. And now Balenciaga, a high-end label doing a partnership and trying to make these stilettos happen…WHY?! Have we not been through enough?!

Whatever. You know how this works. People will still buy them, controversy only helps pieces like this. So, as the world reopens, get your eyes ready. This is what we’re about to head back into. 

Yours in gossip,