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Bandersnatch reminds me a lot of Inception when it first came out, almost NINE YEARS AGO!!! Inception was the original mindf-ck. I came out of the theatre questioning everything, and apparently so did everyone else. As a culture, it took us an annoyingly long time for people to stop saying “inception” in a drawn out, dramatic voice every time something odd or inexplicable happened. Inception was referenced on TV, in songs, and even made new words. You could add -ception to anything and everyone would know what you were talking about. 



I don’t think Bandersnatch is going to live up to that level of fame. For one thing, the hype around the episode has already died down, a week after it premiered. Additionally, there’s just so much good TV right now. We are experiencing a golden age, and it is becoming a fulltime job to keep up with episodes. Tastes have also changed. Meta movies and movies like Inception are no longer in style. Expecting one episode of one TV show, even one as unique as Bandersnatch, to be remembered for a decade is a tall order. Anything making a big splash for longer than a few weeks is rare nowadays, except maybe Black Panther. But Black Panther is like the Beyoncé of movies, so it doesn’t count. 

Both Inception and Bandersnatch are experiences that question reality, perception, and viewership. Inception wasn’t the greatest of movies. Its third act was weak, and it relied a little too much on special effects and the handsome face of Joseph Gordon-Levitt to carry it through. Inception was a product of its time but unfortunately for Bandersnatch, with awards season in full swing, I doubt it will be on our minds by the end of next week. 

What do you think? Will Bandersnatch be remembered several years from now?

There's a chance! No way