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For agreeing with me, I’m going to reward you with some of my favourite Bandersnatch memes. The past week has been a golden age for memes because of the overlap between Bird Box and Bandersnatch. Here are my top nine:

1.   When you feel like you’ve seen Colin from somewhere

2.   I’d murder someone too if they tried to touch me with those unwashed hands

3.   15th time rewatching mood

4.   Stefan acted exactly how we would all act if you were told PacMan was a government conspiracy while high on LSD

5.    Because who the f-ck likes Ross?

6.    Who would win in a fight, Dr. Haynes or this guy?

7.    This honestly wouldn’t even be the worst first date I’ve had

8.    I screamed when I saw this one. The accuracy!

9.    This one is hands down the best, because Drag Race is relevant to everything. Speaking of which, check out my article from this week.  

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