I looooooove Alison Brie’s look last night at the ESPY Awards. It’s Jane Austen meets dominatrix for me. The bands that form the skirt give me great Versace 90s memories. And then the waterfall of flowers that drop below the waist is both subtle and obviously vaginal – or vulvic, more accurately – at the same time. So good!  (Go Fug Yourself) 


People on TikTok – and it’s spilled over to other social media – are pissed because there’s a person on TikTok selling mystery pink sauce and, shockingly, when it arrives, it’s a mess. Look, I get it that this person might be running a scam but at the same time… why are we buying condiments off TikTok now?! Explain it to this old bitch! (Dlisted) 

You know what always bores me? “Rock” conversations… and specifically “rock” where the musicians are white and it’s upheld as the best of music of all time in history forever and ever and ever. I grew up in the 80s and 90s around people who listened to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd but I never responded to it – because music is personal. What moves me might not move you. So for Roger Waters to say that he’s more important than Drake or The Weeknd will ever be – I mean… those are words from a musician who might not actually understand the essence of music and its real value?  (Cele|bitchy) 

Jordan Peele has no time for people who tell him he’s the greatest. But also… ummm… I’m one of those people who loves M Night Shymalan’s The Village. I don’t think it’s misunderstood – but I do think it’s underrated? Dustin is correct though: Lady in the Water, I will never be able to defend. (Pajiba) 


Well maybe Drake and Suede aren’t a thing because he just shared this on IG stories – it’s the pickup move of 2022: instead of sending someone a drink (which is unsafe, in my opinion), send them a photo of themselves from a few tables over? Unsolicited airdropping… for me… is rude AF. How dare you?! This really only works if you’re a celebrity, but I’m pretty sure it’ll become a thing for civilians, if it isn’t already. (Twitter)