In the previous post about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, I mentioned that this weekend in London is kind of like Oscar weekend in LA – you want to be seen, you want to hit the parties, to catch up with the right people, to line up your next opportunity, to be seen on the scene. Obviously the London vibe isn’t the same as the LA vibe, but the spirit of it all is the same, and last night, Barbara Broccoli hosted an event. If that name is familiar it’s because you associate it with James Bond. Barbara produces the Bond movies. She calls the Bond shots. If you want to be Bond, she has to like you. 


Oh look, Tom Hiddleston was at the party. 

I’m joking, partly. But, you know, it’s not like Tom wouldn’t want it. Back in January, supposedly he was the odd-on favourite to be the next 007. As if they’re even thinking about it right now. Right now the priority and all the energy is going into Bond 25. They’re supposed to start shooting in a few weeks, Cary Fukunaga directing. And it opens exactly a year from now. With so many production delays, including recent rumours of another delay, I can’t imagine they’re giving a lot of thought to succession. There isn’t going to be succession if there’s nothing good to succeed.


Also at the Broccoli party last night – Rami Malek, Helena Bonham Carter, perhaps on a break from shooting The Crown, Stanley Tucci, who seems like he’d be the best party favour, and Andrew Garfield. The last we talked about Andrew, it was about him and Rita Ora. No word on that in weeks, not since just before Christmas. Or, I should say, she hasn’t give us an update on that in weeks. Is it just because they want to keep their sh-t locked down? Is it because it’s over? If they’re not over, will they be making the rounds on BAFTA weekend? 

Probably not either way because it’s also Grammy weekend. And, obviously, Rita would to make sure she’s seen at the Grammys, the awards show that’s losing momentum since so many of the big names aren’t going. Perfect opportunity for her to take advantage.