The CFDA Awards happened in New York last night and we’ll get to some of the dress porn on the main page and on the LifeStyle page but let’s start not with the women’s fashion but with an angel, his name is Matt Bomer. And since it’s raining where I am and we all need some sunshine anyway, he’s here to make it brighter. I know it’s wrong, politically incorrect, to celebrate beauty and overstate its importance but MY GOD how can you look at this man and not feel the power of the beauty? His beauty. In an olive tuxedo.

Is it reading olive to you? On my screen it looks olive. Let me know if you’re seeing it differently.

I love the fit of this tux. I love the constrast of the black stripe down the legs and, yes, I love the length of the pant. I wish my husband would come around to this length of formal pant. With no socks. Which I suspect might be controversial for some. But seriously, why not? It’s only weird because for years all you’ve ever seen is no ankles. It’ll be less weird when you see more ankles. Would William and Harry ever wear their tuxedos this way? F-ck no. Should old ass English royalty dictate men’s fashion? Um, f-ck no? It’s New York City. It’s a fashion even. And this is how men’s fashion is evolving the length and cut and colour of the tuxedo. I’m in.