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The Beckhams stepped out together last night in London in support of Save Our Squad with David Beckham premiering November 9 on Disney+. The series is about David returning to East London to mentor Westward Boys, a young team on the verge of relegation. Save Our Squad is co-produced by David’s production company Studio 99. And the timing of the release is obvious with the World Cup starting in a couple of weeks. I just…hope it’s not a white saviour story. 



David had most of his family with him at the premiere. Victoria was there, of course, and also their children Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Seven. But no Brooklyn since he’s now based in LA with his wife, Nicola. They shut down rumours of a rift a few weeks ago at Victoria’s fashion show and there hasn’t been much public interaction ever since but that’s kind of what growing up is all about: independence. David and Victoria also married quite young, and they’ve made it this long – but it takes WORK. And they have WORKED at it. I would imagine, then, that they would understand that Brooklyn and Nicola have to build their own life together away from the family brand. 

On that note though, the family brand is intact. For 23 years now, despite constant predictions and reporting otherwise by the British tabloids. And they’ll be salty about that forever and ever. 


Here’s Victoria posting on Instagram that she still comes home to Mr Incredible: 

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