Stephanie Hsu had a great 2023. She went to the Oscars as a performer and a nominee. She starred in the film that won Oscar Best Picture. She also starred in probably my favourite comedy of the year, Joy Ride. I just watched it again over the holidays and it’s like Airplane for me, every time I see it a new funny detail reveals itself. Also… Stephanie’s looks. 


A belated toast to Stephanie on the red carpet in 2023 and hoping for much more of this excellence in 2024. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The big holiday royal news wasn’t to do with the British Royal Family but the Danish Royal Family with Queen Margrethe II announcing her abdication which means Crown Prince Frederik will soon be king. And there’s a lot of gossip swirling about what precipitated the Queen’s decision – did she do this to save her son’s marriage? Do you think King Charles would ever give up his throne to save his son’s marriage, lol. (Cele|bitchy)


True Detective: Night Country premieres on Thursday. I watched the first three episodes even though I don’t mess with scary sh-t, because I was assigned to the junket, and these reviews line up with what I think of the series… which is that it is EXCELLENT. And, like I said, I don’t typically f-ck with this kind of show because I’m too chicken sh-t but the story is compelling, the acting is first class, it’s beautifully shot, it has so much to say below the ice – and we’ll get more into that when more of you see it. But this should be another big win and big awards contender for HBO. (Uproxx) 

It's not that I disagree with all the people who made the Pajiba 10. I just…with all due respect to Chris Pine, was 2023 really his year?! How did he rank so high? And where is Charles Melton!?  (Pajiba) 

I’m an Olympics junkie. I can’t help it. Yes I think the IOC is corrupt as f-ck… but those Olympians get me every time! And now… it’s the Olympics by Snoop Dogg. An excellent idea. But what happened to Kevin Hart? (Vulture)