Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were photographed, as usual, yesterday. What wasn’t usual was that they were packing up the car, with both dogs, and a few backpacks and what looked like overnight bags. Also plenty of refreshments. Seems like it could be a road trip? Or a beach trip? 


They went on a road trip about a month ago to celebrate Ana’s birthday, which is also when they became “Instagram Official”. Since then we’ve also seen her spending time with his kids. So…what’s the next step? 

Meeting Matt Damon? 

Those are the degrees of serious, right? Overnights and sleepovers, trips together, meeting family, then meeting friends? Sometimes the order of friends and families is reversed but I know people who introduce family before friends because they hang out more with friends and the time you spend with friends is often what shapes your lifestyle. Has Ana met Matt? 


The last update we had on Matt Damon was a couple of weeks ago and he was still in lockdown with his wife, Luciana, and three of their daughters in Ireland. He did say though that he was hoping to get back to LA soon. At which point they’ll have to quarantine for at least two weeks before they can see people. And then, maybe, they’ll all get together for a BBQ or something? 

As we know, Matt is also close with Chris Hemsworth who is married to Elsa Pataky. Elsa and Luciana are tight too. There’s at least a language in common. And now…

Ben’s in love with a Spanish speaker too! 

I feel like that’s another sign that this relationship will have legs. It’s a bonus when the partners can bond.