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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are now in LA after spending just over a week together on holiday in Cuba (where she’s from) and Costa Rica. Ben was seen spending time with his children this weekend while Ana had lunch with friends. According to PEOPLE he was with her in Venice as she was looking for a place and they were together at his place on Saturday night. On Sunday she drove his car to the Hotel Bel Air for an appointment. I mean I think it’s been clear all along but, just in case there were any doubts, this seems pretty serious. Ben’s learning Spanish, he’s talking about Ana during interviews, including Spanish interviews, and they’re seemingly inseparable, or at least have been for at least two weeks and counting. 


While we’re talking about Spanish and interviews though, there’s some confusion happening about Ana’s interview with Vogue Espana and it would appear that she’s been misquoted because Google Translate isn’t always that reliable. Ana’s making headlines for telling Vogue that Ben’s “talent is infinite”. Here’s how PEOPLE reports on it: 

But here’s how the actual quote appears in the magazine: 

“Precisamente por cosas como esa, Ana es una actriz brillante”, exclama Ben Affleck desde el otro lado del Atlántico. El actor californiano encarna en Deep Water a un esposo que permite a su mujer romances extramatrimoniales para evitar el divorcio, hasta que acaba siendo el primer sospechoso del homicidio de sus amantes. “La primera vez que leímos juntos las escenas de la película, me quedó bastante claro que iba a hacer algo excepcional con un papel muy complejo. Su personaje es el motor de la historia y requería moverse entre la tragedia y la ironía o entre el realismo y la comicidad más absurda. No solo sabe hacerlo con soltura, también consigue sorprenderte en cada toma. Su talento es infinito”, concede.

The paragraph begins with “exclama Ben Affleck”. So I think the pronouns have been confused here. She’s not saying that his “talent infinite”, he’s actually saying HER talent is infinite, after calling her a brilliant actress (“actriz brillante”). So, basically, he’s crushing hard. 


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