Ben Affleck wasn’t photographed out walking the dogs this weekend with Ana de Armas, or if he was, I haven’t seen those shots. This may have just been coincidental – he was busy, he was out but the paps didn’t catch him. Or maybe it was deliberate. Maybe he was thinking ahead about the optics and not wanting to be putting his romance on blast on Mother’s Day weekend because you know someone would have something to say about whether or not it’s disrespectful to Jennifer Garner. I have no feelings either way about this but I’ve heard enough about what goes on on Mumsnet and parenting message board to have some idea about how certain things go down. 


While Ben-Ana haven’t been seen together since last Friday though, there are people talking about how they’ve been accessorising. Lately both have been wearing half a heart around their necks, and it’s the opposite half of a heart, like two halves that, when together, make a whole. 

Reading about this made me laugh. Because it’s such a puppy love move, non? I think I probably did this in high school – and I was probably really excited about it. Back then it counted for something: commitment, a declaration. You’re my boyfriend, you’re my girlfriend, we are going steady. We Are A Couple. 

Not that we needed any kind of declaration from Ben and Ana at Hollywood High School but you can’t just wear half a heart with someone and be casual about the relationship, you know? Can you imagine what Leonardo DiCaprio would do if someone asked him to exchange half hearts and wear it around? That sprint would probably break a world record. But here’s Ben, proudly wearing his half heart, undeniably in love. You know what? I have no energy to snark on it, not after putting the two examples side by side like that.