After spending part of the weekend with his kids, and letting us know that everything is all cool with Jennifer Garner and the children and his girlfriend, Ben Affleck went out for a regular dog walk with Ana de Armas, returning to their usual routine, a comfort to us all. A gossip comfort. One day, hopefully, when we look back on time, Gossip in the Time of Coronavirus, how could we forget that the Couple of Coronavirus was Ben-Ana? Not that that’s a distinction they want. But if I could appeal directly to them, their outings have been a constant, a reassurance, during these f-cked up weeks that some things will never change. That love is like water, it will live!


And they do seem like they’re so in love, non? Look at them in these shots, happy and affectionate. I always admire people who can hold hands on a dog walk with two dogs because Jacek and I have two dogs and we never hold hands walking the dogs. We don’t really hold hands anyway but it’s especially difficult with a leash in one hand to grab onto the hand to the other person. Or maybe it’s just because Ben and Ana’s dogs are much better behaved than our hooligan beagles who are either lunging at food left on the sidewalk or sniffing at a bush so long you keep walking and get yanked back to the same spot you were in for soooooo long because they have to sniff every single f-cking blade of grass. Why are celebrity dogs so well behaved? Is it just me and my selective observations about them? 

As for Ben and Ana getting back to the usual – there’s another “usual” that’s being continued here, which is that she rarely repeats outfits, and here’s a new one for us to enjoy: a white summer dress, flirty and fitted to the body, which I wonder if it’s a deliberate choice to let us know that while she may be a permanent part of Ben’s life, the permanence doesn’t have to do with a pregnancy. Right?