Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas haven’t been on an LA walk together since the beginning of the month. They did go on a trip to Portugal together though and he was the one who took the picture of her with her new puppy, Salsa, so there really shouldn’t have been reason to speculate that there was a breakup but people were doing it anyway because I guess the expectation was there for them together at all times. 


For those of you who are paying attention and need to be comforted – no need to worry, here they are, this morning, out in LA with Elvis, her dog, and their masks on.

No estrangement, no breakup, everything is the same. The Celebrity Couple of Quarantine is still the Celebrity Couple of Quarantine. 

I’m just curious about Salsa. Salsa did not join them on this walk. One of the reasons why so many people have adopted pets the last few months is because you can be home with them. I don’t know about other animals but puppies are trouble when they’re left alone. The whole point of the first few weeks, if not months, is training. Stay in your crate. Pee outside. Walk properly on a leash. Come back when called. Don’t eat that. Don’t bite. Don’t hump. Don’t be territorial about that ball. Stop chewing on that. Yesterday I wrote about Salsa not coming for a walk with Ana and Elvis because it might have been easier to leave him at home. But if Ana, Ben, and Elvis are out, where is Salsa and what is he getting up to? Or maybe this is part of the training? Leaving him in his crate for a few minutes to get him used to it?

Another important question: Salsa joining the family now – is he THEIR dog? Or hers?