Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen house-hunting again the other day. One of the places they toured was an $85 million estate. JLo’s been looking for a home for a couple of months now and initially, TMZ was reporting that it would be a home for JLo and her family only but, curiously, they reported this week that according to their sources, it’s now for BOTH of them. 



I mean, it’s obvious that it’s serious. It’s obvious that they’re all-in. But sharing a home? Is that really the next step? After almost 20 years, are they finally fulfilling a dream? 

Not sure if I buy this…yet. Like, of course, both JLo and Ben are all about love, he loves love as much as she does, so going straight into cohabitation is 100% on brand for them. But is it on business for her? She’s probably still extricating herself from all kinds of business with the dude she used to be engaged to, and I can’t imagine her financial advisor – for sure she has one, or several – would be all, yeah, of course, tie up several million in a home with the love of your life, no problem! 

The woman loves love. But the woman is also very shrewd when it comes to her business. 

Which side is leading right now? 

Here’s Bennifer last night out for dinner with Emme.