For those of you living in parts of the world that are reopening, were you able to spend time with your dads yesterday? We’re not yet able to spend time with my parents indoors, but we did drop by their place, outside, to wish my dad a happy Father’s Day, give him a card, and the cash – cash money for gifts only in my family – and pick up my weekly soup and fruit delivery from my ma. 


Speaking of Father’s Day gifts though, check out what Ben Affleck got: a tank for reptiles? The paps are saying that this was his gift, but I feel like maybe this was actually something for the kids? 

In other Ben news, or Bennifer news, Ben and Jennifer Lopez reportedly had dinner with his mother on Friday and he was also seen heading to Jennifer Lopez’s this weekend with his mother and a couple of his children in the car which means that, yes, everything is moving along, no looking back. Which has always been the JLo way.

Speaking of looking back though… 


Something showed up on DeuxMoi yesterday– that’s Lindsay Shookus, remember her? And apparently ARod was at her birthday party. Lindsay of course is a producer at Saturday Night Live and she specifically works with talent so, of course, she would know JLo and she would know ARod from when JLo’s been on the show and she follows both on Instagram, and has liked JLo’s recent posts, and now ARod is at her birthday and…well… it’s just an interesting connection. But is that all it is? A friendly connection, that’s it, period? 

I mean, it’s ARod, so it’s not enough to care, but it’s also never going to bother Bennifer either. But I could see ARod trying it, you know? Especially since his celebrity value isn’t quite what it used to be. 

Thanks, Anna!

Also attached - Jennifer Lopez shopping with Benny Medina in LA on the weekend.