The last time I posted about Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus, she was with him for the Triple Frontier press tour after an obvious “we’re back together rollout” via the usual entertainment media outlets. Yesterday PEOPLE broke the news they are over again because of distance. She’s based in New York with her child and job and he’s in LA with his kids. Are you surprised? 

Back in March, I wondered of Ben and Lindsay “after all they’ve been through, maybe this time it’s the real deal?” Clearly not. Perhaps because this time it had to be the real deal. That’s how it works when you get back together – and we see it all the time when celebrities get back together: I said the same when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber got back together – you can’t go backwards. And you not only can’t go backwards, you’re compelled to take it to the next level because of what was endured in between. Like it was something earned, like it none of it would mean anything if it wasn’t building towards Something Bigger. 

For Ben and Lindsay then, at this stage in their lives, what’s the Something Bigger? Maybe that’s the problem. The Something Bigger is Commitment. Relocation. A Promise. 

A bridge too far? 

So here we are, Ben Affleck is single again – and, well, it kinda feels like that’s a good decision. He went from troubled marriage with possible infidelity to nanny drama to Lindsay to Shauna Sexton back to Lindsay and…being on his own, continuing to recover on his own, spending more time with his children, finding his work groove, probably isn’t a bad idea. 

And look at him in this fitted white top and red pants. The Ben Affleck Glow-up of 2019 is still playing. His jawline is back!