Ben Affleck’s birthday is on Sunday. He’ll be 49 years old. Not a round milestone birthday but a significant one for sure because, of course, we are experiencing Bennifer Summer 2021, and we’ve already seen what a birthday looks like during Bennifer Summer – just two weeks ago, Ben and Jennifer Lopez were all over the Mediterranean and each other. And it was GREAT for Gossip. 


So… what’s planned for this weekend? 

If Ben rolled out all that for JLo, with the framed portrait of the two of them on a motorcycle back in the day, and the jewellery and the trip and going IG official, I can’t imagine JLo would keep it low-key. During the OG Bennifer days, she’d go big for his birthday too. According to TMZ, there are “rumblings… of an out-of-town trip”. If that’s true, where are they going this time? And will there be photos? 

First though, because this is JLo, always hustling - the work. JLo was filming yesterday and Ben visited the set. TMZ has the photos. As you can see, he was so into watching her work that he had on headphones and was apparently quite friendly with the crew. 


JLo was also photographed leaving his place and the paps say she was there for a couples martial arts training session. We saw them working out together a couple of months ago in Miami and I guess that’s still happening. I believe it. Because he looks it. The JLo Effect, remember? 

And he’d want to be poppin’ and tight for whatever birthday plans she’s put together. The question is whether or not we’ll get to see what that might be. Like is this our top story on Monday? Can it please be our top story on Monday?