Last week it was Jennifer Coolidge hanging with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the Shotgun Wedding premiere. This week there’s another Jennifer in the Bennifer mix for a happy blended family outing. 


On Sunday, Bennifer met up with Jennifer Garner for Seraphina’s recital. Bennifer arrived with Emme, who appears to be super close with Seraphina, and his mother, Chris, and Jennifer Garner was seen arriving with eldest daughter Violet and son Samuel. According to the photographer, when Samuel saw his grandmother and JLo, he ran over and gave them both hugs. Also there looks to be warm vibes between Emme and, Chris her new step-gran. They weren’t photographed together outside (the Daily Mail has the pictures) but, presumably, inside they would have gathered as a group together to support Seraphina. 

By all accounts, and it’s been like this for months, there is good energy here. They have taken care to thoughtfully merge their families and their children. We have seen them all travel together, we have seen them spend the holidays together, now they’re showing up to school events, hanging together in the school community, in the presence of other parents. I’m not a parent but I’ve heard about parent culture – people pay attention to this kind of sh-t, they gossip about it. You best be ready for that kind of heat if you’re going to do it. And I guess Jennifer Garner and Bennifer are ready. The British royal family could borrow from this playbook. 

Attached- Bennifer out for a ride in their Bronco with the family the other day, and Jennifer Garner running errands in LA.