It’s only mid-September, why am I the asshole talking about the holidays already? Sorry. It’s not me. It’s Bennifer. 

According to an ET source:

"It is like they never broke up, but everything is way better this time," the source says of 49-year-old Affleck and 52-year-old Lopez. "They are all over each other and their friends joke around about it with them."


As the holidays approach, the two are already making plans. 

"They plan on spending the holidays together and also taking some solo trips," the source says. "They want to be together all of the time, so their next big things are Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is a lot to coordinate, so they are figuring it out."

So the thing about this story is that, well, I could have come up with these quotes – we all could have, because it’s so obvious they’re so into each other, why wouldn’t they want to spend the holidays together? It’s not like anyone would come out and refute it either if it turned out to be some random off the street making up these comments. 


Is it possible that Bennifer is actually already planning for the holidays? Sure, probably. Celebrities like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez often know down to the week what they’ll be doing months ahead of time especially if there are filming schedules involved. On top of that, if The Last Duel can live up to award season anticipation, there will be all kinds of campaign events on the circuit too. Reviews out of Venice were all high on Jodie Comer’s performance but the film itself, at least right now, I’m not sure it’ll be making a big play. We’ll have to see what happens when it opens next month. 

To me that’s the more exciting prospect – a Bennifer award season, as opposed to a Bennifer holiday season. 

Here’s JLo heading to the dance studio yesterday. Never a day off.