Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were in Las Vegas on Friday, returning to where they were married a year and a half ago (a year and a half!), for a charity Blackjack and Poker tournament in support of Ben’s Eastern Congo Initiative, taking advantage of the fact that so many people were in town for F1 weekend. 


It’s never not amusing to me, the combination of Ben and JLo in Vegas + poker, because of what went down the first time they were together, and how miserable they both looked, over 20 years ago now, right before they broke up, when they were photographed at the tables together. The fact that they somehow found their way back, and that they’re hosting a poker charity event, it’s just so …gratifying? I mean it is for me as a gossip, and it’s none of my f-cking business, so I can’t even imagine how it must be for them, actually living it. 

Anyway, JLo’s playing the part of the CEO’s wife here – and you know she’ll always be an asset when it’s time to promote. And by asset, of course, a look will be served. In this case TWO looks were served.


First a black and silver dress with a sheer panel. 


And then, obviously, a second outfit… nude, ruched, and all body. 

By Sunday Bennifer was back in LA. Also attaching shots of them with their kids out for dinner last night. But, unfortunately, this isn’t what people have been discussing the last few days were JLo is concerned. If you’ve been on socials since Cassie filed her lawsuit against Diddy, JLo’s name is coming up because as we all know she and Diddy were together for two years until 2001. 


Among the many horrific details described in her lawsuit, Cassie alleges that Diddy used to make her carry his gun in her purse as an intimidation tactic and, if you recall, JLo was once arrested when she was with Diddy when they left a club after a shooting and were found in possession of a firearm. JLo was taken into custody but, thankfully, released and not charged. That piece of gossip history is floating back up to the surface now that Cassie has shared her story, with many speculating that JLo might have her own story where Diddy is concerned. Which, to be clear, she is under no obligation to share – if, that is, she experienced her own trauma in this relationship. The point is, as Stephanie covered the other day, alleged monsters like Diddy, more often than not, have multiple targets and whether or not it’s JLo, there are other women out there who continue to silently endure their trauma. 

Diddy and Cassie settled the lawsuit on Saturday – and while his lawyers insist that the settlement is not an admission of guilt, the most important part of this is that Cassie is able to walk away from this situation having shared the truth on her terms and won’t have to go through whatever f-ckery would be coming at her if it went to court.