On the one hand, Ben Affleck has complained a lot over the course of his fame career that we care too much about his personal life. On the other hand, for every single one of his high profile relationships, he’s somehow provided us with so much documentation. When Ben was with Gwyneth Paltrow, there was no hiding. When Ben was with Jennifer Lopez, not only was there no hiding, there was this:

When Ben was with Jennifer Garner, we saw that play out in pictures too. And now that he’s with Lindsay Shookus, it seems like we know about it every time they meet up, whether it’s in LA or in New York. Consider this – when was the last time you saw Sandra Bullock out with her boyfriend, Bryan Randall? They’ve been together almost two years now. There are maybe, MAYBE, a handful of pictures of them together. Ben and Lindsay? It’s been two months. And we’d probably be able to put together a pretty complete calendar of their travel schedules.

The reason I used Sandra Bullock as an example of a compare and contrast is because Sandra Bullock is famous, very, very, very famous. Sandy is a big deal. And Sandy manages to keep her relationship off the internet. Because she actually wants to.

Ben would say he wants to. Do you believe him?

Here are Ben and Lindsay leaving their hotel yesterday. He was on his way to the airport. She presumably stayed in New York. As mentioned yesterday, they were supposedly looking at apartments together. It’s one thing, going back and forth across the country, staying at hotels, going out for dinner. It’s entirely another when you make a home together, when you have to sleep on the same sheets every night instead of getting them changed out by someone else, when that drawer full of your sh-t is just a few feet away. When you ground your relationship in one space and your children start occupying it. What’s Ben Affleck like when you actually have to start LIVING with him?