I don’t think any gossip out there would actually be surprised if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez announced their engagement. Both of them love love. And this isn’t exactly a “new” relationship. So it’s not like they had to totally start from scratch. Also, as we’ve already seen, they’ve been integrating their lives, and possibly looking for property together. 


So it’s not a question of whether or not Ben would propose, it’s more a question of… if he was looking for a ring, would he get one at Tiffany & Co? 

Tiffany is definitely having a moment right now with Beyoncé and her husband as their new ambassadors, generating major media attention yesterday with the release of the first images from the campaign. And now Page Six has photos of Ben browsing at Tiffany at Century City with his mother and his son. 

Of course I get why the obvious headline would be that Ben’s looking for an engagement ring for JLo, even though it’s also possible that this could have been a gift for anyone and not necessarily for his girlfriend. My guess is that whatever he was shopping for it wasn’t for JLo. Again, not because he’s not ready, but because, well…


The first time he proposed to her it was with a pink diamond, 6.1 carats, Harry Winston. A rare gem. One of the most famous rings in celebrity history. Not that you and I wouldn’t love something from Tiffany & Co but, like, if we’re talking about Bennifer, is he seriously going to follow up that pink diamond with a ring …FROM THE MALL!?

Back in the day, Ben also gave JLo a yellow diamond bracelet from Harry Winston, and she’s been seen wearing it lately. 

And when Ben proposed to Jennifer Garner, that ring was 4.5 carats, and yes, Harry Winston. 


The man likes Harry Winston!

If he’s proposing to JLo again, sure, maybe he’d switch jewellers, but if Ben knows his girl, you would think that he wouldn’t get a ring from a display case where another customer can roll up five minutes later and ask for the same one. I repeat, this is not about what would work for you and me. For the record, if someone wants to send me something from Tiffany, or suggest something from Tiffany to my husband because we are celebrating 20 years of marriage in November, by all means, do it. But this is about celebrity standard. At the level of celebrity that Bennifer occupies. “Exclusive” is their favourite word. 

So when and if it happens again? I have a hard time believing it would be from the public offerings at Tiffany. If it’s Tiffany, it’s a special order, a ring you’d have to go to headquarters for, in the secret room, by appointment. And not a casual stroll-up like a regular shopper.