We interrupt our VMAs coverage now to focus on a spectacle that, for some of us at least, might actually be bigger than the MTV VMAs, ha. Actually, no, Jennifer Lopez presented at the VMAs, so I guess this kinda counts? For Bennifer content, though, it doesn’t, because Ben Affleck was not there with her at the event. Not that there was any shortage of Bennifer EVERYWHERE this weekend. 


And this is why we dedicated so many posts to Bennifer on Friday, and waited for them to show up on the carpet at the premiere of The Last Duel to premiere themselves. Are you over that moment yet? There are many parts of the internet that are not

And for those of us who were waiting for the double date situation, with Bennifer and Matt and Luciana Damon, here it is:


They weren’t done though. Of course they weren’t. These two can’t get enough of each other and they seemingly can’t get enough of us not getting enough of them. 

So here are some more shots of them enjoying their final moments in Venice together, kissing and cooing at each other before heading to the airport, where there was a minor incident with an aggressive fan; Ben ended up gently pushing the dude back to protect JLo but neither of them were fazed by the situation. Because why would they be? They’re too wrapped up in their love. NOBODY COMPLAIN. 

While Ben did not join JLo at the VMAs, he was with her earlier in the day. Jenny from the block was back on the block, in the Bronx yesterday in support of Latinx entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood with particular focus on women. TMZ has the viz - he joined her, proudly, and also spent time with small business owners in the community, and spent money on local businesses, and even had time during a smoke break to talk to the passersby who couldn’t believe that not only was JLo back in the hood, she brought Ben with her. Apparently Ben was in great spirits, referred to JLo as “my girl”, and generally seemed unbothered by all the attention which, again, is a departure from how it used to be in OG days. 


That said… does it feel like the OG days again?! Remember how they made a big ass deal back then of taking each other to their childhood homes? That’s where Ben proposed to JLo, in Boston, at his family home and now he’s with her in the Bronx, although let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we don’t know if there’s been a proposal. I hope there’s been no proposal. Let’s stay in this stage for as long as we can. 

We don’t need a proposal when we have the Met Gala. 

And we don’t actually know that either. Will there be Bennifer at the Met Gala? I mean, he’s in town with her. But will he go? He didn’t go to the VMAs because it’s not really his scene, and she was only onstage presenting for all of two minutes. The Met Gala isn’t really his scene either. Also the Red Sox are playing tonight. They’re currently tied for the top spot in the wild card standings…with the Blue Jays, who have been on a f-cking tear! I’m wondering if he’ll watch the Jays game first and then the Red Sox who are in Seattle. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, there’s no way Ben doesn’t know this. He might just hang back at the hotel with the remote control instead of heading to the Met. Or maybe he drops her off at the Met, poses for the photos, and goes back for baseball. Either way…